Accepted Papers

Paper ID Authors Title
1 Kalyan Bhattacharjee, Hemant Singh and Tapabrata Ray Enhanced Pareto Interpolation Method to Aid Decision Making for Discontinuous Pareto Optimal Fronts
2 Md Monjurul Islam, Hemant Singh and Tapabrata Ray Use of a non-nested formulation to improve search for bilevel optimization
4 Sarah Jean Bowley and Kathryn Marrick A ‘Breadcrumbs’ Model for Controlling an Intrinsically Motivated Swarm using a Handheld Device
7 Md Abul Bashar and Yuefeng Li Random Set to Interpret Topic Models in terms of Ontology Concepts
9 Mauro Vallati, Federico Cerutti and Massimiliano Giacomin The Combination of Argumentation Solvers into Parallel Portfolios
10 Shahrzad Saremi, Seyedali Mirjalili, Andrew Lewis and Alan Wee-Chung Liew Let’s Consider Two Objectives When Estimating Hand Postures
11 Ian Watson Exploring the use of Case-Based Reasoning to play Eurogames
14 Yilong Shi, Hong Lin and Yuqiang Li Context-Aware recommender systems based on Item-grain context clustering
15 Wanru Gao, Tobias Friedrich, Timo Kötzing and Frank Neumann Scaling up Local Search for Minimum Vertex Cover in Large Graphs by Parallel Kernelization
17 Davoud Mougouei, David Powers and Asghar Moeini An Integer Linear Programming Model for Binary Knapsack Problem with Dependent Item Values
21 Luoxi Pan, Iqbal Gondal and Robert Layton Improving Authorship Attribution in Twitter Through Topic-based Sampling
22 Razia Zia, Pervez Akhtar, Arshad Aziz, Maroof Ali Shah and Dur-E-Shahwar Kundi Non Sub-sampled Contourlet Transform based Feature Extraction Technique for Differentiating Glioma Grades using MRI Images
24 Mark Mckenzie, Peter Loxley, William Billingsley and Sebastien Wong Competitive Reinforcement Learning in Atari Games
25 Bahadorreza Ofoghi and Karin Verspoor Textual emotion classification: An interoperability study on cross-genre data sets
30 Abdullah Alharbi, Yuefeng Li and Yue Xu Integrating LDA with Clustering Technique for Relevance Feature Selection
32 Hong Xu, T. K. Satish Kumar and Sven Koenig Min-Max Message Passing and Local Consistency in Constraint Networks
35 Jiatong Huo, Bing Xue, Lin Shang and Mengjie Zhang Search Based Software Testing: Evolutionary Multi-Objective Test Data Generation
36 Tiantian Zhang and Bo Yuan Density-Based Multiscale Analysis for Clustering in Strong Noise Settings
38 Zongjie Ma, Yi Fan, Kaile Su, Chengqian Li and Abdul Sattar Deterministic Tournament Selection in Local Search for Maximum Edge Weight Clique on Large Sparse Graphs
40 Binh Tran, Bing Xue and Mengjie Zhang Class Dependent Multiple Feature Construction Using Genetic Programming For High-Dimensional Data
41 Will Hardwick-Smith, Yiming Peng, Gang Chen, Yi Mei and Mengjie Zhang Evolving Transferable Artificial Neural Networks for Gameplay Tasks via NEAT with Phased Searching
43 Shinichi Yamada and Kourosh Neshatian Multiple Kernel Learning with One-level Optimization of Radius and Margin
45 Chen Wang, Hui Ma, Aaron Chen and Sven Hartmann Comprehensive Quality-Aware Automated Semantic Web Service Composition
46 Ali Haidar and Brijesh Verma Monthly Rainfall Categorization based on Optimized Features and Neural Network
48 Yemi Okesanjo and Victor Kofia A Deterministic Actor-Critic Approach to Stochastic Reinforcements
50 Sven Schellenberg, Xiaodong Li and Zbigniew Michalewicz Preliminary Study on Solving Coal Processing and Blending Problems Using Lexicographic Ordering
54 Jeff Mo, Eibe Frank and Varvara Vetrova Large-scale automatic species identification
57 Daniel Schmidt and Enes Makalic Robust Lasso Regression with Student-$t$ Residuals
58 Lingwei Chen and Yanfang Ye SecMD Make Machine Learning More Secure Against Adversarial Malware Attacks

Important Dates

Paper Submission
30th March 2017
2nd April 2017
9th May 2017
21th May 2017
22nd May 2017
26th May 2017
19th-20th August 2017