Account Takeover Prevention

Identifying and preventing account takeovers is crucial for companies. Account takeovers can cause damage to a company’s brand and reputation, and cost the organization money. The key is to identify account takeover fraud in its earliest stages. By detecting and preventing it, companies can minimize monetary losses and identity theft. An account takeover prevention strategy should also include limiting VPN usage and proxy use. These features limit bot spamming and can help prevent account takeover fraud.

Guide to Account Takeover (ATO) Fraud Detection & Prevention

Account takeover occurs when criminals obtain access to a user’s account, which they use to carry out fraudulent transactions. These fraudulent transactions can include fraudulent purchases, fraudulent payments, and fraudulent transactions for services such as wireless contracts.

The first step in an account takeover is a change in account details. Depending on the nature of the attack, the perpetrator may change the email address, change the password, or change access locations. These changes may be carried out quickly.

Detecting account takeover fraud can be done through monitoring account activity. By using antivirus software, companies can detect suspicious behaviors and quarantine malicious software. It is also possible to put a suspicious account in a sandbox to prevent further damage.

Detecting account takeovers can also be done through the use of IP block lists. These lists allow companies to detect brute force attacks. A brute force attack occurs when an attacker logs into an account using a single IP address.


Account takeover prevention should also involve educating employees on strong passwords. Passwords should be complex and include alphanumeric characters. They should be changed regularly.

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