Adrienne Farinelli’s Brain Training 4 Dogs Review

Adrienne Farinellis brain training 4 dogs

“The Power of Four Dogs: Dog Training Made Easy” by Adrienne Farinelli is an innovative, comprehensive program that teaches dogs and owners alike how to train their dogs with four commands instead of three. This program contains four techniques used to train a dog, including: the head command, the front and back commands, and the heel command. This program also contains a lot of other valuable information, including tips on dog psychology and how to properly socialize your dog with other dogs and people. Adrienne faricelli’s brain training 4 dogs.

Adrienne Farinelli’s Brain Training 4 Dogs Review

Although Adrienne Farinelli claims that this program is easy to use, it does take some dedication to master the skills that are taught in this program. However, I did find that I was able to follow the instructions for about fifteen minutes per day for about ten days before I found myself getting frustrated and not able to make the most out of my training. I found that I was able to successfully train my dog by using this program as long as I stuck to the program, followed the steps, and did my best to get a positive response from the dog. The author, Adrienne Farinelli, has a passion for animals and is very intelligent, and she writes about her experiences with her own dog in a very compassionate, loving manner. However, her program has some flaws. The book has a lot of typos, and the book contains sections that do not give you the necessary information that you will need to succeed with this program. Although, with a few extra minutes, it might have been worth it.

Overall, this is a great book to read. It provides a step by step guide for successful training your dog. It is written in a conversational tone and contains lots of practical information. It is easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to use. I have enjoyed this book and I would definitely recommend it to any dog owner who is wanting to learn how to effectively train their dog with only four commands, without having to use a large amount of time and energy.

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