Certified Public Accountants Can Help With Your Estate Taxes

“Comp Comprehensive Tax Service was formed in 1974 by officers of the Idaho State Teachers Union, the Central Association of Property Tax Assistants, the National Association of Certified Tax Professionals, and the Treasure Valley Chamber of Commerce and Community Improvement. “We are here to help you with your tax needs.” They have been serving the citizens of Idaho since then. “We are committed to giving tax advice to residents of Idaho.” Check out.

Certified Public Accountants Can Help With Your Estate Taxes

Their mission statement says they are committed to being a source of information and service to all persons involved in the process of tax preparation within the state of Idaho. The firm is always open for anyone who needs a professional tax preparation Boise ID address. In fact the website always says, “we are open 24 hours for your tax questions”. This is something that makes you wonder how they can be so accessible at all times. When people need their accounting Idaho addresses they can call the firm and they can give them out right away.

Some of the services that this office offers are tax resolution, enrolled representatives, certified public accountants (cPA), tax attorneys, and payroll service tax preparer service. I am not sure if they are including the other tax preparation Idaho address services on their website or not. Because they do tend to do more than one thing for people, I would assume that they do offer some of those other services as well. Their customer service is top notch and they seem to be really understanding and sympathetic to the needs of all of their customers. So if you are looking for a good place to send your tax dollars to, this is the place to go.

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