Google AdWords – Sponsored LinX Review


In August of 2010 we launched Sponsored LinX with a goal to change the way most internet marketers used AdWords and Google AdWords. It was not meant to be a competing product; it was to make Google advertising better by adding another layer of choice to advertisers. One month later we have already reached one million downloads. That is quite an accomplishment in any industry, let alone one that is as popular as LinX is. We have also become one of the first high profile companies in the Google ecosystem to go ad free. Read more –

Google AdWords – Sponsored LinX Review

We had some reservations about taking on this new challenge for two reasons. The first being that Google is notorious for changing their policies and rules quickly and without warning. Another was that we were running our ad campaigns through partner networks which we had never done before and found them to be a bit confusing at first. That being said we have now completely taken the advertising side of Sponsored LinX and moved them into Google AdWords. This is one of the reasons that our web traffic has increased so much since our launch.

We have now added Google AdSense as one of our partners and this has really helped us build a solid foundation for what we are doing online. The additional exposure has really paid off for us and we now generate more web traffic than ever before. Even though it took a little time to adjust to the idea of sponsored ads, we are happy that we made the decision to take on this new challenge and are very happy with the results. Our web traffic has increased significantly and we are now receiving more than twenty-five percent more click through rates than we were getting before.

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