Top 5 Tips on Choosing a Group Fitness Class

group fitness classes brisbane

“Fitness For busy women in Brisbane is what I do.” This quote tells it all…I have been an active participant in exercise and wellness since early adolescence. As a fitness and exercise professional I see the need to develop in individuals all the tools they need to keep fit and healthy. Through various mediums such as TV, internet, mass media (both local and international), retail therapy, group classes and now group fitness classes Brisbane women are getting more access to the resources they need to stay in shape, including health, nutritional advice, great fitness opportunities and interaction with like-minded professionals.

AGroup Fitness Class

“Fitness For busy women in Brisbane is what I do.” This quote tells it all…I help busy women access healthy fitness via various mediums, knowing that everyone feels more confident & achieving great results in various environments. I provide personal training sessions at my boutique studio in Moorooka, effective 30 minute interval fitness program in Annerley, a comprehensive 8 week transformation program covering all the do’s & don’ts, plus my well-known online 8 week transformation program covering all the intermediate do’s & don’ts. My personal training business Brisbane fitness centre is a comprehensive centre offering a range of fun and dynamic group fitness classes for all ages and levels. Whether it’s individuals seeking motivation or a group of fitness enthusiasts looking for assistance, I am here to help! My personal training clients’ feedback – “The training was very helpful, I am back running again” – Karen

“Fitness For busy women in Brisbane is what I do.” This one sentence sums up what my fitness program provides to its clients. I am here to motivate, inspire, and encourage. Through my training, I have developed many new clients, made a significant difference to some of my clients’ lives, and developed my own personal fitness program that is helping me to spread the word about my services.

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