What Is a Locksmith?

A Super Locksmith is a professional who specializes in lock and key systems. They can help you rekey or replace your locks, as well as install new security systems and alarms in your home or business.

Your keys can wear out, or someone might steal them, leaving you locked out of your house, car, or office. A residential locksmith company can help you regain access to your property, usually by cutting a new key.

You should also contact a locksmith to repair or replace your locks, especially if they’re faulty or you are moving into a new apartment building. Your current keys might not work in the new one, or you may have multiple copies of your keys in the old building that can’t be accessed.

How to Choose a Reliable Locksmith: Tips and Tricks

Traces of locksmithing were found in Ancient Egypt and Babylon around 4000 years ago. The first locksmith was a Pharaoh called Khafre, who invented a wooden mechanical lock that weighed about 10 pounds and secured valuables in tombs.

The Locksmith profession is a great way to work with your hands and your brain, combining creativity and logic. You can choose to work as a freelancer or for a locksmith company.

Most people become locksmiths through an apprenticeship, which usually lasts two or three years. You can then go on to get a full-time job with a locksmith company. The qualifications required to become a locksmith vary by state, but most include a license.

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