What is a Metaphor?

What is a metaphor ? A metaphor is a figure of speech that describes something by referring to something else. It can clarify a meaning or identify hidden similarities between ideas. When used in writing or a speech, metaphors are useful tools to make your ideas more interesting and engaging. Learn more about the different types of metaphors and how to use them in your writing.

What are metaphor 20 examples?

A metaphor has two parts: a primary subject and a secondary subject. The primary subject is a thing or a kind of thing, while the secondary subject is a concept. A metaphor may be a literal representation of an idea or object, or it can be a verbal statement. It can even serve as a membership or identity statement.

Metaphors can also be used in poetry and prose. A writer can use one to make a point about a concept, character, or setting. For example, in “The Persistence of Memory,” Salvador Dali uses a visual metaphor to describe a time line. A writer may need to make several revisions to reach the right tone or meaning of a metaphor.

In the fourth century BCE, Aristotle defined a metaphor as a figurative redeployment of a term. He argued that a metaphor is one of the many recognized figures of speech. In addition to Aristotle, Quintilian and Cicero both defined a metaphor as a figurative redeployment of an idea.

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