Why Buy a Dirt Proof Diatomaceous Earth Proof Home?

Diatomaceous earth, or simply diatomaceous earth, is a silica-coated, loose, waxy soil that’s been finely crumbled into a white powdery residue. It’s a translucent, powdery substance that’s remarkably translucent and light to dark. It has a particle size range of up to about 3 mu to more than 100 mu, but usually only 10 to 200 mu. So, you can see that it’s too small to see through, yet quite large enough to be a good absorbent.

diatomaceous earth

Why Buy a Dirt Proof Diatomaceous Earth Proof Home?

When natural diatomaceous earth is decomposed, it pulls on and pulls out fossils, along with other materials in and around it, that had previously been trapped below its surface. Some of the fossils pulled out include shells from tiny shrimp, little crabs, and even dinosaur eggs. In addition, the substance pulls in living things such as fish, algae, and worms. These pull down and break loose the carbon that had been locked deep within the mineral. The carbon then flows through the soil, carrying along both carbon and proteins, and new layers of carbon and soil are created. These layers form what we now know of as diatomaceous earth.

Now, as the topic is more than just something you can use to protect your home from termites…there are diatomaceous earth advantages that can be used for other things as well. For example, some types of silica are perfect for filtering into your home’s drinking water supply. Yes, that’s right – there are pharmaceuticals and medical treatments that use silica. Diatomaceous earth also has the added benefit of being an effective groundwater filter. It can pull toxic chemicals from underground water sources, preventing them from contaminating your drinking water. There are also a number of diatomaceous earth applications in the landscaping world, and this is just one of them.

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